Hey what about the GL View ports problem.

Aaron Slunt tonglebeak at gmail.com
Sat Oct 21 11:50:38 CDT 2006

Philip V. Neves wrote:
> I'm starting to see that unless we whine and complain in Bugzilla that
> nothing gets done on this issue.  So I'm comming on to the wine
> developers group to complain. This is a bug that is long and
> contentious. Its preventing a large number of perfectly good apps to
> be used.  Wonder when if ever you people plan on working on it. I mean
> really no wonder the people testing are annoyed.
*Roderick* Colenbrander is currently doing a lot of work on opengl.
Perhaps you could ask him?

And if anyone turns this into a flame war...immaturity goes down hill.

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