Question: Convert source tarball to GIT repository

Mike McCormack mike at
Mon Oct 23 06:48:48 CDT 2006

Matthew Kehrer wrote:
> So what commands are needed to just update it?
> I understand how to set it up from what you have said.

Well, the commands are easy enough, but they need to be done on a full 
repository.  I'll probably have a go at modifying to return 
the mailbox you need to update it sooner or later...

It just needs to return the output from the command below onto a web page.

git format-patch --stdout <commit id>..HEAD

The only complication is turning the tree's SHA1 ID into a commit SHA1 
ID so further updates can be done. needs to search back 
through the "git log" output and matching the tree to the commit.  ie. 
the output from:

git log --pretty=raw | grep -B1 ^tree


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