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On Monday 23 October 2006 14:28, Mikołaj Zalewski wrote:
> >Actually there's now some differences for the German and Austrian sublang
> >spellings of some words. I'm not sure how windows handles the new spelling
> >rules used in Germany now, though.
>   I admit I don't know how large are the differances between German and
> Austrian spelling but as Frank Richter wrote there is no problem to
> provide some resources in a  German/Austria translation (I assume the
> resources currently use the German spelling?). IMO the question is what
> would an Austrian user (who have chosen German as his preferred
> language) want to see if there is no such translation: the German
> spelling or English?  I don't know the answer but I'd expect that if the
> differances are minor then German?

I figure it'd be the German version. I think I'll let Frank deal with the 
translations. I usually prefer English. (My current $LANG is C) :)


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