Extra info on d3dsurface crash

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at gmx.at
Tue Oct 24 02:47:13 CDT 2006

Am Montag 23 Oktober 2006 22:46 schrieb Robert Lunnon:
> I think you are right about that, an accurate diagnostic would be helpful
> and prompt someone to write the decompression code, if it's not hard I
> could do that..
>  This application used to work before the d3d stuff went in (perhaps a
> fall-back) If I sent you a copy of the app could you test under linux to
> see if the behaviour is the same (I develop the Solaris version).
It is certainly not hard, and the old ddraw code had decompression support. 
The issue is more a legal one.

VIA holds a patent on s3tc compression. There is a s3tc 
compression/decompression library 
but the legal situation of using it is difficult. The old ddraw code used 
that lib, if available, to work with s3tc surfaces.

You can basically just copypaste the code from old ddraw(wine 0.9.15, 
dlls/ddraw/surface_dib.c I think) and see if that helps. A different way 
would be to use opengl to upload the compressed texture and read it back 
uncompressed, but this is tricky from a wined3d point of view because 
surface_gdi.c is supposed to work completely without opengl.

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