Propability that application X works in wine

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Tue Oct 24 16:05:10 CDT 2006

Beeing asked how it happenes that a comparably small application fails in wine 
while something bigger like office 2003 and half-life 2 works I thought how 
one could mathematically express that some application works in wine.

There seem to be a few factors:

* Some propability that some behavior Y causes a bug in wine. I assume that is 
fixed, perhaps a per-dll value, perhaps not

* Of course the application size. How many different things does the app do. 
The bigger, the more likely it is that something of that fails.

* People often complain that only popular apps work in wine, so the popularity 
of the app seems to be important. This manifests in the fact that bugs hit by 
popular apps are more likely to be fixed first.

Ok, so how do these factors relate? Popularity seems to be the most important, 
but I am not sure how app size and the bug propability relate. Especially the 
bug propability would be interesting I think, as it might be some measure of 
the maturity of wine :-)

Any ideas about that?
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