Propability that application X works in wine

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On Wednesday 25 October 2006 00:49, Robert Lunnon wrote:

> This could actually be computed for a crossection of application to give a
> general prediction, if you knew the frequency of use for each API call in a
> representative population of applications, and the completion status and
> criticality of all the cals in each API (or even just the % complete of the
> API - the problem being that the probability of a call being used isn't the
> same for all entry point in a given API)  - By the way, in general this is
> called FMECA - Failure Modes, Effects and Criticality analysis - look up
> this topic for further ideas.
> It'd make a nice University student project.

IIRC, David Gümbel's company ITOMIG [1] makes this kind of assesments, based 
on technology developed during David's diploma thesis [2]. Unfortunately the 
thesis is in German and the only whitepaper I found is German as well. Still, 
David might be available for some suggestions, he should be reading this 
list. (Also, Stefan should be able to read it ;) )



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