Regression in patch wined3d: Implement D3DSIO_MOVA in ARB backend.

Mirek thunder.m at
Sat Oct 28 12:08:23 CDT 2006

Hi, screen is just black in those two apps, other apps (3DMark 2001, 
2005, 2006, NFS MW, Oblivion, TRL, W3, WoW, Prey, Starcraft, Diablo 2, 
GTA SA, HL 2 EO, HL, NFS 3, NFS 4, Turok, Ignition, Carmageddon 2, 
Carmageddon 3, Pandemonium 2) works without any problem.

Here is screenshot from 3DMark 2003 with GLSL enabled and disabled:

My software: Debian Sid, kernel SMP, nVidia 9625 drivers.
My hardware: Core 2 Extreme, GF 6800 GS, 1GB RAM

Do you need anything else?


Stefan Dösinger napsal(a):
> Am Samstag 28 Oktober 2006 10:35 schrieb Mirek:
>>Hi, i just installed latest version of wine and now 3DMark 2003 and
>>Flatout 2 is not working anymore, i look at the patches commited
>>yesterday and found this patch which is causing this regression.
> In which way do they not work any more? Is there any debug output, or can you 
> provide screenshots?
> Can you test ARB and glsl shaders?
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------

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