REGRESSION: 0.9.24 crashes on regsvr32 msvbvm60.dll, temporary workaround attached

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Sat Oct 28 19:54:43 CDT 2006

Somewhere between 0.9.23 and 0.9.24, a commit introduced a bug in oleaut32
which results in a nasty crash when parsing some MSFT typelibs. Notably, 
regsvr32 msvbvm60.dll" will crash on this bug, although I experienced it
with DBGRID32.OCX too. I have traced the point of the crash to

                    if ( pFuncRec->FKCCIC & 0x2000 )
                       (*pptfd)->Entry =

Apparently, 0x2000 as a flag in FKCCIC indicates that pFuncRec->OptAttr[2]
is a pointer to some string. If what little understanding I have of
typelib loading is correct, these typelibs are read from DLL resources on
disk. Therefore, I fail to grasp how they can possibly refer to valid
memory locations. I have this attached patch that temporarily plugs the
crash, but I don't think the code is right in the first place. Or am I
missing some crucial fact about typelib parsing?

>From compare with version 1.266:

                    if ( pFuncRec->FKCCIC & 0x2000 )
                       (*pptfd)->Entry = (WCHAR*) pFuncRec->OptAttr[2] ;

I would dare to say that it has always been wrong, only now is crashing
because the code now attempts to strdup() it with SysAllocString.

Alex Villacís Lasso
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