Regression in patch wined3d: Implement D3DSIO_MOVA in ARB backend.

Mirek thunder.m at
Mon Oct 30 00:55:54 CST 2006

Here is log with 3DMark running for about 3 seconds with patch and 
without, trace+d3d.


Ivan Gyurdiev napsal(a):
> Tom Wickline wrote:
>>> I see the same thing as Mirek,  3dmark03 is totally broken now.
>> And yes I tested GLSL and ARB and before and after with the same 
>> results as his.
>> So yes, this is a major regression :D
> When testing with the GLSL backend, can you please do a +d3d_shader 
> trace, find the MOVA instruction, and send me the entire shader that 
> it's part of (most importantly the shader version). The only way I see 
> that this patch could break the GLSL backend is if the instruction 
> version check is wrong. MSDN claims this instruction is available in 
> shaders 2.0 and higher, but it wouldn't be the first time MSDN is dead 
> wrong.

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