Thank you

Hiji hijinio at
Fri Sep 1 10:21:37 CDT 2006

We just shipped a public beta of CrossOver for the Mac.

We're very excited about the Mac opportunities as we
hope it will give us a much needed boost and
allow us to accelerate our own contributions to Wine.

I'm proud of our work on Wine - and I am very privileged
to work with the folks at CodeWeavers.

However, it's also clear that the Wine community is
a growing one, and that a large portion of the
work in CrossOver comes from people who contribute here.

This past year, in particular, I've noticed a great
jump in contributions, notably in the area of games
(yay for World of Warcraft support!).

By doing so, I think you make the world
a better place, and indirectly you help all of us at CodeWeavers
to make a living - you literally help to put food on my table
(although my wife is getting tired of beans and rice :-/).

So, thanks.  I personally appreciate it, and think it's Good (TM)
that you do.  I also believe that countless other folks
who use Wine in various forms also appreciate it, although
they're polite enough not to write long winded emails expressing that.

But for any of you that come to Reading, the least we
can do is buy you dinner and a drink or two.  And if any contributor
ever needs something from CodeWeavers (like a free
CrossOver account), just holler.


Jeremy White
CodeWeavers, Inc.

p.s.  Okay, being brutally honest, the jury is out on whether
or not all the work making World of WarCrack^H^Hft is going to be
a net gain for us or not.  Now even my wife is addicted, and I
have to go level up my Paladin to keep the work group happy... :-/


Wow!  That's great news!  Congrats on getting that public beta out.  On a side note, I made it a point to stop by the CrossOver booth at LinuxWorld.  I didn't catch the name of the guy manning the booth, but poor guy, I basically talked his ear off about how much I love Wine, and that I wish Wine and CrossOver got a lot more exposure.  Hopefully, adding the Mac to the mix will help with that!


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