LPGL functions in Reactos that are stub in Wine

jimtabor jimtabor at users.sourceforge.net
Tue Sep 5 00:56:01 CDT 2006

Julien wrote:

>/ I was very interested in comparing the implementation status of reactos
/>/ and wine. So I coded a little python script to list all the api that are
/>/ implemented in reactos AND are only stub in wine. Attached to this mail
/>/ is the list of identified functions.
/>/ One may note that most of these functions are in the setupapi dll. This
/>/ is particularly interesting as the setupapi code is LGPL-licenced in
/>/ Reactos (and was already part of the audit).
Code that originates in ReactOS will generally not be accepted into Wine 
due to that project's acceptance of developers that participate in 
"dirty" reverse engineering (ie. translating assembly code to C).

Please don't submit code from ReactOS to wine-patches.


Hi Mike,
Please do not post things like this.

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