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Wed Sep 6 17:41:00 CDT 2006

On Wednesday 06 September 2006 21:45, Vijay Kiran Kamuju wrote:

> As the Google SOC concluded. We need to evaluate whether our SOC
> projects were successfull or not.
> Some of them got through like Oleview, Trash implementation, riched20
> improvisation.
> I really dont know about the clamav integration, shell integration
> (there were some patches regarding this I think), improve mswscock.dll
> and ntlm using gensec.

I sure hope NTLM Signing & Sealing went through. Not using GENSEC, admittedly, 
but that's because of licensing issues. If anyone wants this bad enough to 
keep updating a GPL-licensensed wine fork, I'm happy to pass on the patches 
that implement that. Still, patches to get the same features working via 
ntlm_auth are in the wine tree. This means that with your vanilla ntlm_auth 
tool, you will be able to do NTLM signing in dummy mode. (This is by no means 
secure or anything...)

Once Samba releases the next version that is not restricted to bugfixes only, 
you will be able to do NTLMv1 signing and sealing. NTLMv1 sealing in dummy 
mode fails for now, I'm currently talking to Eric Glass to get some clue as 
to why that happens. (Eric is the one who maintains, if there's anybody outside 
Microsoft who really knows NTLM, it's him.)

> Wineconf is about to start, I think we need to re-think what might be
> good additions and how should we proceed for 1.0 release.

Personally I think we need to get the LSA working. Windows does a lot of this 
"single sign-on" stuff, and it'd be really nice to have in Wine. I hope to 
talk about this with some of you people on Wineconf. This might be an area to 
cooperate with the Samba people again, but let's first see what we need.

> Please feel to comment on this.

This comment is a bit opinionated, but bear with me on that one. ;)


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