Making people aware about appdb and outdated Wine versions.

killertux killertux killertux at
Sun Sep 10 14:37:55 CDT 2006

OK, if not popup then fixme or someting like if there is problems they 
can go
to Wine AppDB to get some compatibility help.

>> --SNIP--
>> Second: Old version of Wine are still quite used because of package
>> managers just offers "stable" Wine versions over the "unstable" 
ones so I would like
>> to see another popup or warning in winecfg that informs user that 
their Wine is
>> getting old... so after specific number of days(from release of 
Wine version X)
>> counter gives some warnings about old Wine version.
>Having a popup (or anything that requires user interaction) could get
>really irritating - there are situations where people would use an
>older version of wine on purpose. Like if a large organization uses 
>to run one specific app, and has a specific version that works
>perfectly, they might not have any reason to update.
>How about a fixme when wine is run, informing them that the version
>they are running was released X long ago, and that if they have any
>issues they should try a newer version?
>It'd be nice, too, if people then reported bugs with that on the top
>of the output - it could save a lot of work chasing down already-

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