Wineconf this weekend!

Jeremy White jwhite at
Mon Sep 11 10:45:21 CDT 2006

Hi Folks,

So this weekend is Wineconf, which is the mostly annual
gathering of Wine developers and afficianodos.  Everyone is welcome,
although we do intend to run a very technical and developer focused

It will be held in Reading, a bit west of London, in the UK.
The formal program starts on Saturday.  We have a tentative
agenda posted on the Wiki here:

The one don't miss talk will be Alexandre's keynote, which
will be at 9:00 am on Saturday.  We're still working out
the schedule for the other events.

There is no charge, although you do have to take care
of your own loding and travel.  If you are planning to come,
though, it would be handy if you could hit the RSVP page
(if you haven't already):
That way we can make sure our catering counts aren't out of wack.

If you are coming, particularly if you reserved a room
on campus with me, you *must* sign up for this mailing list:
or you will miss out on important details, and you'll
end up wandering around Reading desperately looking
for your key.

(And yes, that does mean I'll stop spamming this list,
and start spamming that one :-/).



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