EnumServicesStatusA - Typical return structure contents with a working internet LAN connection

Nick Law nlaw at nildram.co.uk
Wed Sep 20 10:34:44 CDT 2006

I'm trying to get an application running that accesses the Internet, but 
fails with the message, no Internet connection present.

The internet connection is fine, as proved by the fact I can run firefox 
& wow under wine.

I've disassembled the applications exe and examined wine's fixme errors 
when the application runs and it seems to do the following....

It calls InternetGetConnectedState to determine whether there is a modem 
or LAN connection. Wine returns the fact there is a LAN connection.

It then calls EnumServicesStatusA with a type=30 & state=1, in order to 
get a list of running services, now what I think it's doing is expecting 
to see a service that provides the internet connection, because wine 
doesn't actually return a list of services the application then decides 
there's no internet connection.

What I want to do is provide a return structure that does at least 
contain the service name & state (internet related) that the application 
is expecting to see.

Does anybody know what service that could be, (specifically it's actual 
name) or even better provide a typical return structure that is returned 
by windows when a application calls EnumServicesStatusA so I can 
construct the structure this app is expecting to see.

I've never written anything under MS windows otherwise I would write a 
small application myself that calls EnumServicesStatus & figure it out 
myself. In fact maybe I will have to get myself a copy of visual C++ so 
I can do these tests.

Nick Law

PS I'm new to this debugging without access to the applications source 
code, so any hints & tricks would be appreciated.

It looks like I may have to learn Intels assembler instruction set as 
well!, which I don't mind. The last time I wrote an assembly language 
program was 25 years ago on a PerkinElmer 3220 mini computer! So this 
should be fun.

Nick Law
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