msi/iTunes and questions

Phil Krylov phil.krylov at
Wed Sep 20 03:36:25 CDT 2006


On 20/09/06, Paul Vriens <Paul.Vriens at> wrote:
> The single-quotes should be needed as the SQL statement in the trace showed:
> trace:msi:MSI_DatabaseOpenViewW L"SELECT `Message` FROM `Error` WHERE
> `Error` = The installlation of QuickTime did not complete successfully.
> iTunes requires QuickTime." 0x6669a498
> and a bit further:
> err:msidb:WHERE_VerifyCondition Couldn't find column L"The"
> This is just one of many issues with this installation.
> Does the fix look OK?

Looks good but it will probably fail when %s contains an apostrophe.

-- Ph.

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