Governance revisited (Wineconf report)

Vitaliy Margolen wine-devel at
Wed Sep 20 21:52:45 CDT 2006

Dr J A Gow wrote:
> How to capture these 'lost' contributions is a difficult issue. Maybe a
> centralized repository for patches could be maintained separate from the main
> Wine tree and with a very loose method of acceptance (maybe just ensure that it
> is clearly indicated what the patch is for and what version it can be applied
> to). This way it would be very easy for a contributor to place a patch somewhere
> where it is easily accessed by the community. A developer with more time who is
> interested in it may pick it up and clean it up for inclusion in the tree, but
> at least the patch is available for others to use, saving re-invention of the wheel.
Why reinvent the wheel? If such people can spend their time chasing down the problem
and developing a fix for it, they sure can open a bug in bugzilla, describe theproblem
and attach a patch they made. How more simple can it be?

No patches lost, no extra places to look for. And all the information describing the
problem. Everything in one place.


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