ALSA implementation

Molle Bestefich molle.bestefich at
Thu Sep 21 01:58:11 CDT 2006

James Courtier-Dutton wrote:
> I have not looked at the wine source code lately, but I would advise you
> that it would be sensible to talk to the sound card at only the 48000 Hz
> rate.

> alsa-lib does do resampling currently, but it has some importance
> constraints that I think are incompatible with wine. I would therefore
> recommend that wine does it's own resampling to 48kHz before
> passing sound to alsa-lib.

What are the constraints?

> In time alsa will remove the resampling constraints present in alsa-lib,
> but that fix is not expected any time soon.

Seems to me that it would take less development resources to fix an
existing resampling implementation with known restraints, than to code
a new one.  Also it would end up helping more people.

If someone from the Wine community wants to fix the existing ALSA
resampler, what needs to be done?

> As most windows applications running on wine tend to use the 44.1kHz
> rate, that will cause problems with the current alsa-lib. So, if wine
> want windows games to work better with sound when using alsa-lib, I
> would recommend wine doing the resampling.

What sound API is used on Mac OS X?
Does that API require Wine to do resampling, or do things work OOTB there?

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