Governance revisited

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Sat Sep 23 22:36:22 CDT 2006

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>>     The current process is crippling this project, limiting the developer base  
>> and reducing community value. Without some healthy dissent it will never 
>> change and get better.  I am a friend of change, a true believer in the 
>> process of continuous improvement. I believe one day, the WIne project will 
>> value my contribution - even in dissent.
> We value your contribution, however it's even more valuable to have 
> developers that listen to feedback and fix their broken patches rather 
> than just complaining loudly.
> Since you know better, how about maintaining your own Wine tree and 
> showing us how it's done?
> Mike

I intentionally left Mike's answer and the mail he were answering to.
I absolutely don't understand why you addressed your message to him.


> I think this team has done an incredible job with Wine - heck I've made it
> a point to stop by the CodeWeavers booth the last two year at LinuxWorld
> to say how much I love the work you guys do (sometimes, I'm the only one
> there).  However, I can't help but believe that this project can evolve
> MUCH faster and better to gain the respect that it deserves.

Everyone who complaints about "problems" with patch acceptance policy seem
to claim that, but my impression is that complaints are going from technically
incompetent people, who just "feels" that the process can be improved, but
can't explain it in developer's language (i.e. in technical words) how.


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