Governance revisited

Robert Lunnon bobl at
Mon Sep 25 07:49:35 CDT 2006

On Saturday 23 September 2006 16:36, Dmitry Timoshkov wrote:
> "Jim White" <jim at> wrote:
> > Steven cited the business at Wineconf of Alexandre never being "proved
> > wrong on a technical matter".  Another straw man.  The part of
> > Alexandre's patch process that is the root of this conflict between Wine
> > development-focused developers vs. Wine user-focused developers is that
> > which consists of style and aesthetic considerations.
> No, that's clearly a technical matter, and has nothing to do with user's
> expectations. There is no such a thing as a "wine user-focused developer",
> but there is such a thing as commercial software development. Feel the
> difference.

Let me answer this, as a User-Focused non-commercial developer I feel the 
difference every time I apply my custom patch tree to WineHQ wine to produce 
a solaris binary, thus the argument you give is non sequitur due to the fact 
that self evidently I fit the exact characterisation you assert does not 


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