shlwapi: Resupply array sizes stripped by function interface

Dan Kegel dank at
Mon Sep 25 15:18:26 CDT 2006

Andrew Talbot wrote:
> >A formal parameter declared as an array is treated as a pointer; any size
> >specifier is ignored. So here, sizeof decimal_buffer, for example, would
> >equate to the size of a pointer to WCHAR, not to that of an array of eight
> >WCHARs.
> Why are you doing this?
>Are you asking why I am doing lightweight static code checking, or why I am
>submitting this particular patch?

The latter.   I was clumsily trying to say "your changeset description
isn't clear enough".   If you had said "shlwapi: fix thinko in sizeof(array)"
I might have woken up out of my stupor enough to understand the change.

BTW the way you define the new size, as a magic constant, seems
bad.  Can you use 4 * sizeof(WCHAR), or whatever, instead of 8?
And even then, the '4' seems almost as bad.
- Dan

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