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Mon Sep 25 21:35:58 CDT 2006

On 9/25/06, jimtabor <jimtabor at> wrote:
> James Hawkins wrote:
>  > On 9/25/06, jimtabor <jimtabor at> wrote:
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>  >>
>  >> Every Wine developer needs to read this,
>  >> and
>  >> .
>  >>
>  >
>  > I'm a Wine developer, and I don't work for codeweavers.  Why should I
>  > read that?
>  >
> You don't need to.
> just said "Every Wine developer needs to read this."

>  >> It is your job to provide support for this product, I spend money and I
>  >> need help, where do
>  >> I go?
>  >>
>  >
>  > It is not my job to provide support for this product.  Even if you're
>  > referring to Dmitry and everyone else that works at Codeweavers,
>  > you're still wrong.  This is the wine-devel mailing list, and has
>  > nothing to do with Codeweavers.  You confuse Crossover Office and Wine
>  > as being the same product/project.  Just because they work at
>  > Codeweavers, can they not also work on Wine and not have affiliation
>  > with Codeweavers?  Of course they can, as can anyone else who has a
>  > real job outside of Wine.
>  >
> NO! You are WRONG, sir! ~and I quote from
> "Since 1999, CodeWeavers has been hiring the very best Wine developers.
> Chief among these is Alexandre Julliard
> <>, the long-time
> maintainer of the Wine Project itself. In addition to Alexandre's
> prodigious talents, we have consistently hired the very best Wine
> resources, recruiting them literally worldwide."
> Wine is CO as is CO is Wine! Wine is the heart of CO with out it CW
> would not have a product. They get paid for working on Wine to support
> CO. Don't you see that?!

You are severely confused.  Maybe you should take some time and read
up on what both Wine and Crossover Office are.  Wine is an open source
implementation of the Win32 API.  Crossover Office is a support
platform for running a very specific list of Windows application in
Unix.  The fact that Crossover is based on Wine doesn't mean that Wine
is Crossover.  Codeweavers employees take the time to contribute back
to Wine, when they very well could take their code and walk (even
though they do release the source to Crossover.)  Every Wine developer
that understands this, paid or not, appreciates the work of
Codeweavers developers, as they appreciate the work of other Wine

>  > First, he doesn't represent Codeweavers on the wine-devel mailing
>  > list.  Second, there's nothing unprofessional about his actions.
>  >
> Missed my point! If his address has "name at", than yes,
> that person does represent that organization.
> This project is NOT LINUX or X11, it is a paid for add on to it.

Linus Torvalds is paid by OSDL.  Andrew Morton is paid by Google.
Many major companies (too many to list, but to name a few: IBM, Red
Hat, Novell) employ engineers to work on Linux.  Linux is not a
paid-for project?  Wine began in 1993 with no funding.  Wine
development continued unfunded till 1998, when Corel sponsored Wine
development.  Codeweavers began funding Wine development in 1998.
Linux started as a volunteer project, just like Wine.  Linux now has
paid engineers, just like Wine.  I don't see the distinction.

> I pay good money for support and I expect to get it.

You pay Codeweavers, and you should expect support from them, and I
have no doubt that you get that support.  This is Wine, an open source
project.  No one here owes you anything, and that includes Codeweavers

> It is shocking to most FOSS code writers that maybe this is a real,
> truly, paid for project. "No! It can not be! I contribute to someones
> profit? NOOoooooooo~~~!".

I am well aware that Codeweavers funds most of Wine development, and I
appreciate every bit of support coming from them, but this project
would continue even without their support.

James Hawkins

> NO! You are WRONG, sir!
> NOOoooooooo~~~!

P.S.  You should really calm down.  It's hard to take you seriously
when you act immature.

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