Patchwork (was Re: Governance revisited)

Mike McCormack mike at
Thu Sep 28 05:27:43 CDT 2006

Ge van Geldorp wrote:

> My objective is to improve Wine by maximizing the number of patches of
> acceptable quality. In my opinion, this can be done by:
> 1) assuring no patches get lost
> 2) assuring an author gets informed about why his patch is not acceptable in
> its current form so he can improve it.

That sounds good, but it's not reasonable to put the responsibility on 
Alexandre, as he has enough work already.

 From your other mail:

 > mention the time it costs the author. Shouldn't we be looking at the
 > productivity of everyone involved in Wine development and not just at
 > Alexandres productivity (although I acknowledge his special 
position)? > I'm a bit surprised (and, to be honest, also a little bit 
 > about the low value you seem to place on the time contributed by the
 > developers.

With a single maintainer system, costs to patch submitters and authors 
are much less crucial to a working system than costs to the single 
maintainer.  Spreading the workload, so the many do more work, is the 
only way to improve the system.

We agree that encouraging more reviewers is a good thing, so how about 
focusing on ways to get more people to review patches?


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