Governance Ideas

Chris Morgan chmorgan at
Thu Sep 28 08:24:02 CDT 2006

> 2. Alexandre documents the exact logic he uses to determine patch
> acceptability which becomes the patch acceptance policy in the interim. This
> should be done to the point that someone else could take over from Alexandre
> and achieve the same result. This opens the way to multiple maintainers as
> well as allowing Alexandre to take more holidays.

I'm of the opinion that code is "art" as its implementation is
subjective. The idea that you could document when a patch is
acceptable or not seems like an impossibility. You might be able to
set a series of ground rules, no c++ comments, shouldn't contain asm
unless necessary, but even a patch that fits these requirements isn't
necessarily an acceptable patch.

I've almost never been unhappy with AJ's judgement except in cases
like the safedisc patches where it seemed like no one really knew what
was "good" and more effort wasn't put into at least providing
development guidance.


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