Governance Ideas

Mike McCormack mike at
Fri Sep 29 04:02:08 CDT 2006

Robert Lunnon wrote:

> "Community Focused Process" means what it says, develop a process which is 
> centred on the community the project serves. This requires the project to 
> answer some introspective questions
> 1. Who "owns"  Wine, does wine belong to A.)  Alexandre, or B) the community 
> it serves.

A) Alexandre is a benelovent dictator.  He manages Wine with the 
interests of "the community" in mind, as he sees them.

> 1. Answer the questions about the "ownership" of wine and identify the 
> community it serves. Determine the right of the community to be involved is 
> setting wines direction IE The Bill of rights I mentioned before (for each 
> community Developers VS Users etc).

Your "bill of rights" is the Wine license, the LGPL.

> 2. Alexandre documents the exact logic he uses to determine patch 
> acceptability which becomes the patch acceptance policy in the interim.

It's very likely impossible to write that down.  If you don't agree with 
me, please write down your proposal.

> 3. The project develops a community process for establishing project direction 
> and maintaining the patch acceptance policy which includes stakeholders 
> elected from the "owners" IE communities with a stakeholding in wine

NetBSD is a project that is (was?) run by committees:

If you want Wine to be run by a committee, how about creating your own 
fork so you can run it as you see fit?


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