So long, and thanks for all the Wine!

Dan Kegel dank at
Sun Apr 1 23:20:56 CDT 2007

Wine was a fine dream, but come on, there's
no way a bunch of volunteers could put together
an emulator for a real operating system like Windows.
Heck, after 14 years, Wine can't even run the
average Visual Basic program!
So I'm bowing to the inevitable, and
have accepted a job with a popular operating system vendor
working on fixing something called a "start menu"; I
haven't heard the details yet, but it sounds very complex.
They say I'll be leading a team of 50.
If anyone's interested, please let me know;
(I think the new start menu will be implemented in
a mix of C# and VBScript for efficiency, so no C programmers
need apply.)

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