[PATCH 1/1] wined3d: Make 8bpp a valid depth in EnumAdapterModes

Vitaly Budovski vbudovski at gmail.com
Mon Apr 2 01:26:26 CDT 2007

Chris Robinson wrote:
> On Saturday 31 March 2007 02:25:52 am you wrote:
>> You can change WineD3D to allow WINED3DFMT_P8, but you have to modify d3d8
>> and d3d9 to filter it out. This is the correct approach then. Injecting P8
>> in ddraw will work too, but it is not correct from the design point of
>> view(since then wined3d says "I can't do that", and ddraw says "But I
>> insist you can do it"
> How about the attached patch? If not given an explicit mode, DDraw will loop 
> over known good formats and not pass WINED3DFMT_UNKNOWN to WineD3D at all. 
> Someone can then fix D3D8 to not pass it either, then fix WineD3D to not have 
> special handling for enumerating WINED3DFMT_UNKNOWN. That should fix the 
> current DDraw problem fine, and not immediately risk breaking D3D8 in the 
> process.
> Vitaly Budovski, does this fix the problem as well?

I think that's probably a good idea. Handling everything in 
WINED3DFMT_UNKNOWN causes far too many problems. This does fix the 
regression in AOE (as long as you add the WINED3DFMT_P8 format to the 
switch statements).

Thanks Chris!

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