Named pipes to remote machines?

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Mon Apr 2 02:31:54 CDT 2007

On Monday 02 April 2007 02:02, Dan Kegel wrote:
> A user asked in
>3a28cbd whether Wine could communicate with remote
> machines via named pipes yet (he needs it to
> talk with an SQLServer box).
> I know Alexandre's been poking around in that area, but
> I think he's working on local networking, not remote.
> I also know Kai Blin had looked at this, but I don't know where he left it.
> Can someone summarize the current state and plan, if any?

I distinctly remember Juan asking me to poke Samba's Steve French about this 
for last year's SambaXP conference. Steve seemed happy to  add some hooks to 
his cifs module fur us, but I think noone came up with anything specific.


This goes into some detail about that. I'll be going to SambaXP again this 
year to show off our use of ntlm_auth to have outlook authenticate to an 
exchange server. Right before SambaXP starts, the Samba team will meet at 
SerNet for a "developer day", I'm going to be there for that, too. If we can 
come up with a hard list of requirements, I can look into getting this up to 
speed a little bit. 


I think we didn't really react on that one.. code-wise, that is.


I didn't know about that one at all, thanks for the link. 

Now, we've been at this topic before, but as far as I can recall, we never 
really made much progress on this. Named pipes, as well as user handling and 
some parts of netapi32.dll scream for a closer interaction with Samba. As 
discussed before, the LGPL vs. GPL licensing is an issue, but maybe we can 
work around that by interfacing with winbindd to get the stuff we need.

A quick search through our wiki shows me that Juan put up three pages about 
this when we discussed this last time.

If we can flesh those out in the next week or two, I'll have some more 
substantial things to take with me to SambaXP to discuss this. I think the 
wiki will be ideal to collect this.


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