wineprefixcreate - create symlink to cdrom drives(Try 2)

Jesse Allen the3dfxdude at
Tue Apr 3 13:52:32 CDT 2007

On 4/3/07, Tom Spear <speeddymon at> wrote:
> On 4/3/07, Jesse Allen <the3dfxdude at> wrote:
> > Slackware will have hal soon though.
> Really?  As in v11.1, or as in v12?  I dont care about having to add
> them manually either, but some people are really annoyed by it..  One
> thing I should note is that even in my config.log, there isnt any sort
> of big warning about hal not being there like there is about fontforge
> or freetype, whichever it is.  Sure it isnt as big of a deal, but
> still even a WARNING: HAL support will not be enabled due to missing
> HALd/DBUS. line would be nice..
> Too bad I'm switching to Gentoo soon..  Slackware dropped XMMS (which
> I compiled and installed myself anyways), which really upsets me, so
> I'm sayin bye bye slack..

v12 will have it. I don't know if it has been fully integrated. I will
test current after the semester ends. But I have not been a fan of hal
at all from seeing the other distros.

Dropping slack just because of loosing XMMS? Just get the slackbuild
and build it yourself. It's really no different than what you are
doing with gentoo. The reason Pat is probably removing it is probably
because he wants to get rid of gtk1.


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