[RESEND] regedit: Convert from WCHAR size to maximum required TCHAR size.

Detlef Riekenberg wine.dev at web.de
Wed Apr 4 10:45:20 CDT 2007

On Mi, 2007-04-04 at 10:36 +0900, Byeong-Sik Jeon wrote:
> +    /* convert from WCHAR size to maximum required TCHAR size */
> +    max_val_name_len *= sizeof(WCHAR) / sizeof(TCHAR);
> +
>      valName = HeapAlloc(GetProcessHeap(), 0, max_val_name_len *
> sizeof(TCHAR));
>      valBuf = HeapAlloc(GetProcessHeap(), 0, max_val_size);
>      if (RegQueryValueEx(hKey, NULL, NULL, &valType, valBuf, &valSize)

This looks wrong to me:
TCHAR is WCHAR, when compiled with UNICODE, otherwise TCHAR is CHAR
The code does already handle the different character-size
in HeapAlloc for varName.

When the app must handle the case, that 
sizeof(string) can be > "strlen(string) + sizeof(0)",
then we should convert the app to use UNICODE everywhere.

For the last quoted line, valSize is not initialized!
(RegQueryInfoKey wrote the result to max_val_size)

Just checked Coverity: not detected

By by ... Detlef

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