[RESEND] regedit: Convert from WCHAR size to maximum required TCHAR size.

Byeong-Sik Jeon wjsqudtlr at gmail.com
Thu Apr 5 11:44:17 CDT 2007

Bill Medland wrote:
> I confess that I have not tested this.  I think it is sufficiently
> counterintuitive that it would be useful if you could submit a test that
> would demonstrate it, e.g. put a non-SBCS string into the registry in
> Unicode, query and get it back out, demonstrating that the size returned
> is the number of lexical characters (plus 1 in Win95/98/me?).
> And if this is the case then your original fix is still incorrect; we
> would need to multiply the size not by sizeof(TCHAR) but by the maximum
> number of bytes required to hold a lexical character (which is
> presumably going to have to handle UTF-8).

I cancel this patch. Please see the "Alexandre Julliard"'s comments.
The good solution of this problem is "#define UNICODE".

Thank you.

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