Changing debug channels on the fly

Dan Kegel dank at
Fri Apr 6 08:16:05 CDT 2007

Jan wrote:
> I enhanced that a bit and have a patch based on a recent winehq git:

Thanks, but like the original, it doesn't control +relay,
nor does it help with processes that aren't listening to the keyboard.

Also, I have my doubts about this code:

+    static int first = 0;
+    if( first && !block_traces && getenv("WINEDELAY") && 0 ==
strncasecmp(getenv("WINEDELAY"), "enable", 6) ) {
+        wine_dbg_toggle_block();
+        first = 1;
+    }

It looks like there's a typo; shouldn't first be initialized to 1
and then set to zero after first run?  As it is, that code seems
to never fire.

Can I get your opinion on my alternate patch, described at
?  That one does control +relay, but I haven't figured out
what's wrong with my signal handling.


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