Contributing money to WINE?

Frank Russo frusso at
Fri Apr 6 07:38:42 CDT 2007

As a WINE user, I find myself in a (seemingly) unique situation.  I'll
do my best to explain my motivations, and what resources are at my
disposal.  Basically, I would like to give money to the WINE project.
	I'm a home linux user, and a techops RHEL admin at work.  I have
no need for windows, MS Office, or other high priority applications.  I
do play Guild Wars and Eve Online and have been fairly active on AppDB
and bugzilla.  I have no desire to write and contribute code to the
project, as I would like to spend my home time playing Games and
avoiding development work.  Untill just recently, I was a Transgaming
subscriber.  I canceled my account the day that the 32-bit cursor patch
went into WINE git.  I would like to take the money that I had reserved
for transgaming and donate it to the WINE project.  Herein lies the

	Looking at the contributions page, I am confronted by the
Wine Party Fund:
The purpose of the Wine Party Fund is to show appreciation to Wine
developers by collecting funds for developer meetings, such as future
Wine Conferences, or in some cases to purchase documentation.

	That's fine and all, but I am looking for a way to contribute to
the actual development (and only development).  If I wanted to buy
someone beer, it would be an attractive woman (If Alexandre is a
unisex/woman's name, I sincerely appologize).  Having been to a number
of conferences, they don't stirke me as being of much value.  I want to
pay for a developer, or rather his/her development time.
	This brings me to Codeweavers and Transgaming.  As far as I can
tell, TG deosn't really give a whole heck of a lot back to the WINE
project.  Purchasing a TG subscription really is not in anyone's best
interests.  However, Codeweavers appears to do a whole lot.  The only
problem is that I have no interest in their product, and purchasing it
only funds WINE development indirectly/partially.  I also don't like
their pricing model, since they require up-front payment for a product I
won't ever use.
	I would love to see WINE adopt a payment system like TG.  This
way I can donate $5 per month, have it go "directly" to WINE development
efforts (not beer, parties, conferences, etc), and have it pulled
directly from an account that I hold (since I do not use Paypal for
numerous reasons).  Is this an unreasonable request?  Should I just
"eat-it" and purchase a personal copy of CXO?  I guess I could give it
as a gift to a friend or something...  I'd love to hear your opinions on
the matter.

Thank you for your time,
Frank Russo

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