Contributing money to WINE?

Jan Zerebecki at
Fri Apr 6 12:30:26 CDT 2007

On Fri, Apr 06, 2007 at 02:38:42PM +0200, Frank Russo wrote:
> This
> way I can donate $5 per month, have it go "directly" to WINE development
> efforts (not beer, parties, conferences, etc), and have it pulled
> directly from an account that I hold (since I do not use Paypal for
> numerous reasons).

You can use the Paypal button without an Paypal account, you just
enter your bank account or credit card information (obviously you
need to be not logged in with Paypal).

Or at the bottom of is an
different way of payment.

I suppose it wouldn't hurt to add bank account details on that
page, so people can just transfer money directly (at least in
Europe, not sure how that works in the rest of the world) and
also set up interval transactions.

Probably a Google Checkout option wouldn't hurt either (
501(c)(3) tax exempt status need, which I guess we have ). (You
know, because of all those Paypal horror stories, though the
previous option is probably sufficient.)

> Is this an unreasonable request?

No, I can really understand that. Directly funding development
instead of other stuff is probably something that many people
want when donating. But it's probably something that would be
hard to do inside of Wine, which leads us to CW.

> Should I just
> "eat-it" and purchase a personal copy of CXO?  I guess I could give it
> as a gift to a friend or something...  I'd love to hear your opinions on
> the matter.

I can't think of any other way to fund wine development in a
general way. Though I would guess you probably also pay for
sending CW employees to the conference. Pledges with CW are
probably also a nice way.


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