Contributing money to WINE?

Dan Kegel dank at
Fri Apr 6 15:18:38 CDT 2007

Tim wrote:
>I find myself in a similar dilemma...  What if a few of us banded
>together and put a bounty on a feature / app, or contracted
>codeweavers to implement it?  I think that would be great.  Assuming
>we can agree on something we'd like to fund, it would be a little more
>targeted than just voting in CW's appdb.

Problem is, most of the things you might want to have
fixed are pretty expensive.  Let's say a bug takes ten
days to fix.  Assuming $100/hr (which is not far off for
contract development), that's $8K right there.

Lots of folks have thought about how to solve
the problem, but dealing with money is complicated.
It'd be better for you to donate time triaging bugs, IMHO.
( )
Just reproduce one bugzilla entry a day for a week, and
document what you find, and we'd be very happy!

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