ntdll/kernel32: LoadLibrary fails to load some dependent libs

Clinton Stimpson cjstimpson at utwire.net
Fri Apr 6 22:48:08 CDT 2007

So I have this case:
An application that can load libraries at runtime (plugins).
Plugins reside in a different directory than the application directory.
Some plugins have dependent dlls found only in the plugin directory.
Wine fails to load the dependent dlls.
I can copy the dependent dlls into the application directory and the 
plugins load successfully.

I traced the execution into ntdll/loader.c : load_native_dll
load_path included the the application directory and some system paths.
name is the full path of the library to load.
The call to fixup_imports fails.
Should the path to the library be added to load_path in 
load_native_dll?  Or is there another appropriate way to fix this?


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