[1/8] regedit: Remove the _stscanf function dependency.

Byeong-Sik Jeon wjsqudtlr at gmail.com
Sat Apr 7 16:41:58 CDT 2007

Alexandre Julliard wrote:
> Byeong-Sik Jeon <wjsqudtlr at gmail.com> writes:
> > _stscanf depends tchar.h
> >
> > Changelog:
> >     Remove the _stscanf function dependency.
> You are going about this the wrong way. What you should do is convert
> the code to use explicit Unicode functions. Removing TCHAR and the
> like will then be an automatic consequence of that conversion. If you
> try to remove tchar.h first you only add more complexity that would
> have to be undone later.

'tchar.h' need the defining _UNICODE to use Unicode function. The
defining UNICODE is not work 'tchar.h'. We need the '-DUNICODE

WHat do you think about following code:
----  tchar.h --------------------------------------------------------
#if defined(_UNICODE) || defined(_MBCS)
#error You must use msvcrt when building in Unicode/MBCS mode


#ifndef _UNICODE
#  ifndef _MBCS
#    include <string.h>
#    define WINE_tchar_routine(std,mbcs,unicode) std
#  else
#    include <mbstring.h>
#    define WINE_tchar_routine(std,mbcs,unicode) mbcs
#  endif
#else /* _UNICODE */
#  include <wchar.h>
#  define WINE_tchar_routine(std,mbcs,unicode) unicode
If 'tchar.h' is changed, I can use _stscanf function.

Thank you.

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