Is Wine a platform for Codeweaver to make money?! Please help me understand.

Wesley Parish wes.parish at
Mon Apr 9 05:06:19 CDT 2007

Sorry to jump into the discussion at this late date, but while I run Wine 
occasionally for some software I get in my email - no, not viruses, thank 
goodness! - and some other software that I get with family photo CDs, etc, I 
haven't done anything with it lately, apart from installing an old Win32 
compiler I was given.  I still don't know whether it works properly - I know 
most of lcc-win32 and OpenWatcom work happily :-)

I was wondering, there is Wine, there is CrossOver, and there is Cedega.  
CrossOver I know contribute their source back, I don't know about Cedega, and 
I (apparently) can't run both Wine and CrossOver at one and the same time, I 
can't even install both (apparently - I could be wrong on this ;).

Is there any project to solve the Wine/CrossOver dual installation 
problem/question?  Any for a putative Wine/Cedega dual installation?  Any 


Wesley Parish

On Friday 30 March 2007 07:21, Stefan Dösinger wrote:
> Hi,
> Getting common applications working is NOT the goal of wine. The goal of
> wine is to write an open source reimplementation of the Win32 api. Those
> two goals are related, but not exactly the same. The difference is how to
> deal with hacks that are known to be incorrect but happen to fix an
> application. Those are not accepted into wine, no matter which application
> they fix.
> CrossOver uses Wine under its hood, and CrossOver's wine tree contains some
> hacks to make Microsoft Office and other popular applications happy.
> However, CodeWeavers contributes patches back and employs many major
> developers to work on various parts of wine, including Alexandre Julliard,
> Robert Shearman, Jakec Caban, me, and many others.
> Neither Wine nor CrossOver are specifically targeted at games or office
> applications. CrossOver supports some games(like Half-Life 1 and 2, World
> of Warcraft, Prey), and my job is to work on Wine's Direct3D support.
> I won't be able to convice you that the whole thing is not a conspicary
> because I am a codeweavers employee, but maybe searching the wine changelog
> for can convice you? (Though many codeweavers employees
> use their own private mail address to send patches).
> Regarding the hacks to get Microsoft Office running, the modified Wine
> source in CrossOver is publically available at
> . You are welcome to locate the
> hacks that fix Microsoft Office(I think their authors will kindly assist
> you with that), clean them up and send them to wine-patches for inclusion.
> (on a sidenode, a few weeks ago I noticed that some mirror had a broken
> copy of the archive which did not unpack completely. I think it should be
> fixed by now. So if the archive doesn't unzip its not conspiracy, it is a
> fault of the provider of our mirrors)
> Hope my explanations answer your questions,
> Stefan

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