Richedit URL hyperlink bug

Matt Finnicum mattfinn at
Mon Apr 9 14:06:42 CDT 2007

The problem is most likely in that there's two kinds of links
happening at once - the automatically detected one and the manually
specified one.

The automatic detection is done in ME_AutoURLDetect at the very bottom
of editor.c.

I don't really have time to look at it myself until this weekend (yay
exams). I did notice one strangeness really quick though:

curf_ef = cur_format.dwEffects & link.dwEffects;
def_ef = default_format.dwEffects & link.dwEffects;
link_ef = link.dwEffects & link.dwEffects;

Usually you're supposed to check that a dwEffect is included in the
dwMask before using it. Also, that third line does... nothing? :)

A better way might be:
curf_ef = (cur_format.dwEffects & cur_format.dwMask)  & CFE_LINK;
def_ef = (default_format.dwEffects & default_format.dwMask) & CFE_LINK;
link_ef = (link.dwEffects & link.dwMask) & CFE_LINK;

I don't know if that's related to your problem, I can look into it
this weekend if it's still needed. If you don't find the problem
yourself, make sure to make a bug report and link to an executable
that demonstrates this :)

--Matt Finnicum

On 4/9/07, Andrew Talbot <Andrew.Talbot at> wrote:
> Hi,
> I run an app (Blitzin2) that displays scrolling text with various
> highlightings in a rich edit control. When displaying hyperlinks comprising
> normal words, they are rendered in blue and underlined, and whatever
> follows is rendered appropriately. However, if the displayed link text
> happens to constitute a URL, the blue-underlining doesn't get switched off
> at the end of the link, so all subsequent text is rendered in blue and
> underlined.
> Examples:
> This is a _link_ to somewhere.
>     (This renders fine.)
> Visit _www.winehq.org_ to learn about a great piece of software.
>     (This stays blue-underlined after the link.)
> I thought I would post this here first, in case anyone "knows exactly where
> that is".
> Thanks,
> -- Andy.

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