Windows dll as Linux Shared Object

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Wed Apr 11 17:17:37 CDT 2007

I'm not the DLL expert, but I think you're missing something here.

The problem is that your windows dll will most likely use the windows 
api(otherwise, don't use wine at all). The windows API depends on some other 
things, like a few memory management constraints, the windows registry, and 
most likely other things too. So you can't lift the Wine core dlls outside of 
the enironment wine sets up.

Applications and DLLs ported using winelib are native Linux .so files. So you 
can try to link then in, but you'll get unresolved symbols which in the long 
run will end up somewhere in and And I think both of 
them depend on the environment wineloader sets up.

So the options you have are doing a real port of the dll if it does not depend 
on the win32 api too much(so ditch wine), or put the whole app into wine(do a 
full winelib port of the application), or to write some proxy winelib app and 
talk to the DLL using ipc like sockets, pipes, shared memory, etc.
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