Windows dll as Linux Shared Object

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Wed Apr 11 17:33:26 CDT 2007

Am Donnerstag 12 April 2007 00:28 schrieb Phil Lodwick:
> > or to write some proxy winelib app and
> > talk to the DLL using ipc like sockets,
> > pipes, shared memory, etc.
> Thanks Stefan.  I thought I was missing something.
> This was the approach that I was planning on as a backup.  Looks like I
> bring the backup plan to the front burner.  Basically Linux wrapper .so
> execs winelib app and then communicates via pipes.
What is the problem with running the whole app as a winelib app? You don't 
save any resources by having the application outside since you still have 
wine running, and you have the IPC overhead. You should still be able to use 
any Linux Library from inside a winelib app(Ok, I don't know how to do that 
with the C++ libraries like for file access to use Linux paths instead of 
Windows paths).
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