Patches / a proposal for the mystic DIB engine

Matt Finnicum mattfinn at
Wed Apr 11 21:52:50 CDT 2007

As a returning GSoC student, I had asked about this last year:

It's primarily the student's responsibility to work out the conflicts,
but it'd be best for you two to talk to one another. The student's
obligation is do do what they said they would, so if you complete
their proposal for them it doesn't count as them doing it - they'd
have to write an implementation of their own, even if it wasn't
accepted, which would be a waste.

However, as long as their mentor is fine with it, it's acceptable to
modify their goals - so perhaps they can add more features or
otherwise produce a better DIB engine by working with you and the code
you've written. If the mentor thinks they've done enough work over the
summer, they'll be paid - even if it's different than what they
originally proposed.

--Matt Finnicum

On 4/11/07, Felix Nawothnig <flexo at> wrote:
> Oops. Forgot the patches. Here they are.
> And the very second I sent the last E-Mail the DIB engine work got
> accepted as a SoC project (by someone else)... I've no idea what this
> means to me. Someone clarify please. :)

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