Removal of unused audio drivers

Tomas Kuliavas tokul at
Thu Apr 12 08:21:20 CDT 2007

>> why do you compile the drivers in - or why do have the files around for
>> them? my audio dialog just shows oss and alsa; the others get dropped at
>> compile time. also there might be other platforms that have to use those
>> audio drivers - why drop something that works?
> I was just proposing to remove it to see how many people would really
> need it. If it's used it won't be removed, if nobody objects it means
> it's just a choice too many.

Dear thin X Window clients,

NAS driver removal plans were discussed by wine developers on Alpha
Centauri for 50 years.

Prostetnic Vogon Jeltz


You will like decisions based on statistics only when you are part of
majority. Debian and Fedora have nas and esd support in separate packages.
libwine-nas is not required for wine installation on Debian Etch.


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