wined3d: Mark vertex shader 3.0 as foggy shaders if they write out the fog coord

Ivan Gyurdiev ivg231 at
Thu Apr 12 11:57:29 CDT 2007

Here is how this was meant to work at some point [ since I see all kinds 
of incorrect things being done ]:

   Entry point                                 Code generation

   Pixelshader -------- Baseshader ------- ARB backend
   Vertexshader -------                  ------- GLSL backend

   Code should be moving towards the center from both directions.
   Vertex and pixelshader: Should contain minimum amount of things
   Baseshader: Should contain anything backend [ and frontend ] 
independent. I think it's acceptable to put some things that are 
frontend-dependent in baseshader, as long as they can be written in a 
generic way, without tons of (if (pshader) do_x else if (vshader) do_y 

   Pass 0: Tracing: 100% done in baseshader.

   Pass 1: Register tracking: 100% done in baseshader.

   Pass 2: Backend independent gen code: In baseshader
      [ this includes the opcode loop, and all "parsing" of the shader asm ]

   Pass 2: Backend dependent gen code: In ARB or GLSL files
      [ ideally should work with pre-processed shader asm, and broken 
out tokens
        - a sort of an intermediate representation if you prefer ]

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