[2/2] wined3d: Remove usesFog flag from IWineD3DVertexShaderImpl

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at gmx.at
Thu Apr 12 14:03:47 CDT 2007

Am Donnerstag 12 April 2007 19:49 schrieb Fabian Bieler:
> Remove the usesFog flag and replace it with a 'method' as suggested by Ivan
> Gyurdiev.
So I'm ready to start yet another design flamewar here :-)

Honestly I do not really agree with getter methods like this inside WineD3D. 
Yes, they do hide the implementation details, namely how the flag is stored. 
Yes, they do encapsulate data, like the Object Oriented Programming model 
says. But honestly, how much use is it to do a function call just to read a 
value inside wined3d?

I don't argue that we should make wined3d internals visible to outside 
wined3d. But inside wined3d, my personal preference is to just access the 
implementation structure directly. How much abstraction does such a function 
give us at the cost of performance? In both cases the state management code 
has to know an internal of the shader code, wether the shader writes to the 
fog coordinate. This is something only the shader should need to know, no 
matter how it is accessed. Why do we need it? Because the way fog works with 
shaders requires that either the shader sets fog params or the code setting 
fog params has to know about the shader. We can't change that. There are many 
more examples like surface sizes in the viewport and SetRenderTarget 
code, ...


In case of the foggy shader thing, I think we can get rid of that by just 
setting up the fog start and fog end when a shader is used and fog is on, no 
matter if the shader actually uses the fog. May even be faster in the end. 
Other than that, I think that the shader fog code is not quite right either, 
since if we need the foggy shader setup depends on the fogtablemode setting. 
But other simmilar cases still remain.
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