locales, unicode and ansi with msvcrt (bug 8022)

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at codeweavers.com
Thu Apr 12 21:30:33 CDT 2007

"Ann & Jason Edmeades" <us at edmeades.me.uk> wrote:

> >What your test app is doing? It probably needs a test under Windows to
> >see in which encoding (ANSI/OEM) a not unicode app should receive input
> >via a pipe.
> Sorry, just realized I had not addressed your last comment - Can you expand
> on this sample test please and I'll do some experimenting. How do you mean a
> pipe (just stdin?) and what would this be showing beyond the straight file
> i/o case (My original test does straight writes to the console, and to a
> file).

I meant things like 'dir >lst.txt', 'dir | sort > lst.txt'. 'dir' and 'sort'
could be replaced by some external .exes that get input and produce outpup.

> Also, for example, any suggestions on how to tell OEM from ANSI, and on
> telling the codepage used for the conversions.



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