OpenGL child windows [RFC]

Paweł Różański pawel.rozanski at
Fri Apr 13 18:54:40 CDT 2007


> OpenGL pixelformats
> Next to the windowed opengl issues, there's the pixelformat limitation in Wine. Right now only one pixelformat can be used. Most programs use ChoosePixelFormat using which you can request a pixelformat but the call isn't guaranteed to give you back what you want. For this reason most programs aren't very critical.
> These days more and more programs are more critical. They use wglChoosePixelFormatARB which does give you what you want or programs enumerate all pixelformats using DescribePixelFormat and choose what they want.
> I'd like to know of more programs that work / don't work and I like feedback on the patch.
Nvidia demos - like does
not work - they whine about (wglBindTexImageARB) - not found (and
about invalid iPixelFormat 0)

They were working (long time ago :>). As i remember they accept
pixelformat 0, but I would like to ask if wglBindTexImageARB problem
is somewhat correlated with ones you have listed?

However, Thx for the great work I can enjoy now :)

Take care,
Paweł Różański

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