Ubuntu packages for wine-0.9.35 are broken

Nick Law nlaw at nildram.co.uk
Sat Apr 14 16:08:10 CDT 2007

Vitaliy Margolen wrote:
> RusH wrote:
>> On 4/14/07, Vitaliy Margolen <wine-devel at kievinfo.com> wrote:
>>> I'm getting number of reports on #winehq as well as in bugzilla about
>>> new Ubuntu packages for 0.9.35 having problems with displaying text and
>>> mouse cursor. It appears there were some problems with xrandr during
>>> compiling them.
>>> Scott could you take a look at this and fix them as soon as you can? Or
>>> at least remove broken packages from the repository?
>> broken like this
>> Message-ID: <3df49b7b0704140435t69dfa6eh5cc43a648ca855f6 at mail.gmail.com>
>> ?
>> Subject: fonts borked (in utorrent) between 0.9.34 and 0.9.35
> Probably. I do not have Ubuntu can't tell exactly.
> Vitaliy
I seem to have a number of applications that no longer seem to display 
any text, the text is either missing or is replaced with a dash '-'. 
Thing is, I'm running Suse 9.3 so maybe it's actually a problem in wine, 
not the Ubuntu packages ? unless somethings also broken on my system. I 
install wine from source every time.

The apps that no longer display text for me are ...

Anno Domini
Family Maker 2005
Image Engine

Anno Domini is a free download if you want to try it on your system. 


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