Ubuntu packages for wine-0.9.35 are broken and missing text on suse 9.3

Nick Law nlaw at nildram.co.uk
Sat Apr 14 17:17:49 CDT 2007

Nick Law wrote:
>> this is supposedly clean 0.9.34 from git repository, same font bug.
>> 0.9.34 from .deb is fine, I earlier mailed wine deb maintainer about
>> this, maybe its not the wine code, but gcc/glibc?
> Further info on the missing text in the build in notepad.exe app.
> By selecting a different font via the [edit][fonts] menu option in 
> notepad, TrueType fonts appear to work ok, the fonts that are not 
> visible are ...
> System
> Courier
> MS Sans Serif
> Small fonts
> The first time you start notepad after a fresh install of wine it 
> seems to start with the font called 'system'. After that it will start 
> up with whatever the last font used was."
> Nick
Also just spotted the following post with font issues in .35

Comment for 'Watchtower Library 2006' added by Scott Burch
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Subject: 9.35 font problems.

Just updated to 0.9.35 and now the fonts are very bad, can hardly read them.  Anyone know what happened?

Thanks Scott...

Best regards.
The AppDB team

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