Ubuntu packages for wine-0.9.35 are broken and missing text on suse 9.3

Nick Law nlaw at nildram.co.uk
Sat Apr 14 18:06:24 CDT 2007

Nick Law wrote:
> Hartmut Figge wrote:
>> Nick Law:
>>> Further info on the missing text in the build in notepad.exe app.
>>> By selecting a different font via the [edit][fonts] menu option in 
>>> notepad, TrueType fonts appear to work ok, the fonts that are not 
>>> visible are ...
>>> System
>>> Courier
>>> MS Sans Serif
>>> Small fonts
>> I have no such problems on Debian/Sid with a self compiled wine 0.9.35.
>> Hartmut
> Thanks, maybe it's my system fonts then. I'll look a little deeper 
> into it and also try running notepad on another Suse system.
> Nick
It only seems to be the fonts with the extension .fon that don't 
display. Also the 'system' font in 
has no value set.

I'm not sure if wine looks here or elsewhere but changing it does not 
seem to do anything even if I change it to arial.ttf.

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